6 tips for choosing technology that will future-proof your business

Intelligent automation is helping to create a modern workplace where bots, artificial intelligence, IoT, data analytics and humans work together. Here are 6 tips to spot the right IA technologies:

While the post-COVID-19 future remains uncertain, it is clear that information systems and in particular intelligent automation will be at the heart of the global recovery. As businesses look at what operational changes can be made to facilitate the ‘new normal’, the potential of IA to offer immediate ROI while also contributing significantly to future value generation make it an extremely attractive prospect for leaders looking to future-proof their organisations.

The blocker comes in the fact that, on the surface, automation can look intimidating. We have all heard the scare stories – of robots coming for our jobs – but in practice, IA is there to augment our skill-set rather than replace us. With high-volume, repetitive tasks taken care of, employees can apply their minds to strategic and creative problems that offer more long-term value.

Another problem is the murky definition of what intelligent automation is. Many providers, in an effort to wrap it up in a neat bow, have billed it as a single solution, a single product, rather than what it is: a suite of highly-connected and interactive tools that work holistically to provide an intelligent ecosystem. In order to bring clarity to businesses in the market for IA solutions, we have provided 6 tips below that can help you identify truly ‘intelligent’ systems.
Easy to access and integrate
Intelligent automation does not require a huge rethinking of your IT infrastructure. True solutions are almost always ‘plug and play’. They are easy to connect with your existing systems and play along nicely with existing processes.

Low cost
There is a misconception that intelligent automation is prohibitively expensive except for the largest corporations. This is false – the rollout of intelligent automation is generally only a fraction of a typical IT implementation and will pay for itself many times over when you consider the annual cost of manual work.

Quick results
Intelligent automation is not a ‘slow burner’. When properly implemented, the results and improvements to your processes should be quickly visible. Working with Procensol, we can have a complete IA ecosystem up and running within eight weeks.

Quick to deploy
Because of its ability to plug and play with existing systems, intelligent automation can be deployed quickly and with minimal downtime. It should also be available at any time, anywhere, on any device.

Data analytics friendly
Intelligent automation is able to expose or consume data for transparent reporting very quickly. Easily integrated with data analytics and data management platforms, it can also help you manage the full life cycle of your data and implement sustainable data practices.


Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission

Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is an independent statutory body established to reduce the incidence of major crime and public sector corruption in Queensland, and to provide the state’s witness protection service. The CCC investigates both crime and corruption, has oversight of police and the public sector and protects witnesses. The CCC is run by a small, dedicated staff of approximately 50 people and is the only integrity agency in Australia with this range of functions.

Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission

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Intelligent automation is helping to create a modern workplace where bots, artificial intelligence, IoT, data analytics and humans work together. Here are 6 tips to spot the right IA technologies:
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