Return to work planning: Appian’s solution for workforce safety

Read our blog on Appian Workforce Safety and how this software solution can help you deliver a successful return to work strategy for your people.

Ensuring a safe return to work is a top priority for management teams everywhere. Organisations have spent months planning a process for returning to the office, but with Covid infection rates continuing to fluctuate and reports of waning vaccine immunity, these plans must continually evolve.

From contact tracing to isolation monitoring, businesses are under significant pressure to guarantee the safety of their people – without compromising productivity. Fortunately, intelligent automation can do much of the heavy lifting.  

Ahead of our upcoming webinar on Planning your Return to Work Strategy, we take a look at Appian’s new Workforce Safety solution. This ‘unified Covid response hub’ combines a multitude of features to ensure a safe return to work and ongoing vigilance in the office. Whether you’re operating a hybrid model or full-time onsite work, the platform can support both the safety and productivity of your people.

Here we pick out three core features of Appian Workforce Safety:

Vaccination data reporting
Keeping track of the vaccination status of your employees is critical to your return plan. In Appian Workforce Safety, you can monitor vaccine status in real-time, filtering by individual, location and time frame. As well as checking whether an individual is partially or fully vaccinated, users can track intent to get vaccinated. These insights make it easier and faster to identify vulnerable employees in the event of positive cases.  

Contact tracing
Incidents can be easily tracked with the ability to trace both people and areas of the office exposed to Covid. This feature follows the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on case management, meaning users can respond appropriately to notify, isolate or request tests from employees in line with the latest guidelines.

Facility management
Appian Workforce Safety allows users to keep track of multiple offices, identifying which locations are controlling the spread of the virus, or which need extra attention. Onsite reservations can also be made through the platform to allow your employees to plan ahead and reserve their workspaces. And to control capacity, users can issue automated mobile passes to staff and visitors.

Crucially, Appian Workforce Safety is fully compliant and flexible. Your people can trust that their information is safe in the HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified cloud. And as a low-code platform, you have the flexibility to update this response hub as government regulations evolve without having to rely on IT.  

It’s clear that returning to work presents challenges for every organisation. But a robust software solution is the fastest route to a successful strategy – and ensuring the health and safety of your biggest asset: your people.


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