Tim Clarke's Appian Microsoft 365 Integration demonstrates the breadth of capability of the Appian platform

Procensol’s Tim Clarke a finalist in the Appian World 2019 Hackathon

    • Microsoft 365 Integration with Appian for sentiment analysis & case management

      Procensol’s Tim Clarke was a finalist in the Appian World Hackathon 2019 with his Appian Microsoft 365 Integration. Selected from a global pool of apps submitted for the annual Hackathon, Tim Clarke has successfully combined Office365 integrations, sentiment analysis, case management and advanced user interface (UI) design within the Appian Platform.

      The inspiration for the application was to demonstrate the breadth of capability of the Appian platform, including the ease of integration and the advanced user interface design capabilities. The two biggest recent enhancements to the Appian platform have been its powerful Connected Systems and much finer control over the advanced UI capabilities.

      “I wanted to show off the power of the platform as the most common question I get asked is “what does Appian do?” – my answer is always “what do you need it to do?” so highlighting the UI and integration possibilities is always my biggest aim,” said Tim Clarke, Director Procensol UK.

      This development is a combination of two applications built to showcase the advanced integration and UI capabilities of the Appian Platform.  The user has access to emails, calendar, files and contacts (via Office365) and the ability to create cases directly from those emails. The main use case would be to handle complaints/negative feedback using sentiment analysis which can highlight to the user particular emails that should be prioritized. The user can quickly create a case using the email content then switch to the Case Management application and respond accordingly.

      The app showcases significant benefits to streamline, or even automate key components of case management and sentiment analysis processes. Here is a brief demonstration of the application and a video of Tim Clarke’s presentation at the event starting from 14:45.

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