Managing the Commercial Risk of Covid-19

    • The world has entered unchartered territory.

      There is widespread fear and panic on a scale not seen before. Against this backdrop, governments struggle to create a measured response to reduce the spread of the virus and the panic it generates.

      Rewind a few months and the biggest viral threats to your business were technological not biological, taking the form of malware or a viral attack on your reputation on social media.

      Now that the viral threat is biological, how well can your business cope?

      It’s likely that any answer you give is likely to be clouded with a high degree of uncertainty given that you’ve never faced this kind of threat before. And that’s where we can help.

      Procensol are able to help with establishing commercial resilience and continuity planning.

      While we can’t cure Covid-19, we can alleviate most, perhaps all, of its commercial symptoms, especially those areas of your business that demand operational and administrative resilience.

      Managing your response

      We alleviate these symptoms using our low-code platform.

      Within days we can create a bespoke solution to manage all the changes you are likely to have to make such as limiting travel and employee movements, changing working hours, tracking staff working locations, meetings and movements and co-ordinating internal communications.

      We can even extend our solution to tracking infections amongst your workforce.

      Because the solution is low-code, it can be deployed quickly and updated quickly, which means your organisation will move in line with the spread of the virus and the ensuing escalation in government advice and regulations.


      Supporting remote workers

      Critically, at the height of any potential pandemic, you will want or need to safeguard staff by allowing those in administrative, operational or support roles to work from home. Indeed, that decision may be taken out of your hands and they may be compelled to self-isolate or work remotely.

      Again, our low-code platform brings together applications and data from multiple sources within your organisation.  Solutions which overlay your existing applications can be quickly assembled in the cloud, allowing much of your workforce to perform their jobs completely remotely with nothing more than a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone.


      Applying automation

      A key tool in protecting the stability and continuity of your business is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). By automating repetitive tasks, it frees your workforce to focus on more creative and productive aspects of their work.

      It is estimated that at its peak Covid-19 could see 20% of the workforce absent from work. RPA means we can deploy “bot” workers to ease the burden on your people and the business as a whole.


      In Summary

      The challenge we all face is unprecedented and our response has to be fast and flexible.

      Because our solutions are cloud-based, they can be developed, deployed and used remotely. Whilst we normally like to meet clients face to face our highly skilled staff are able to extract and implement low-code solutions through remote workshops, thereby minimising face-to-face meetings.

      Crucially, the low-code and automation platforms we deploy will continue to be functional and effective long after Covid-19 has ceased to be a problem. They will provide your organisation with unprecedented levels of agility. This will enable you to increase productivity when times are stable and to respond decisively to any new threats that emerge in the future.

      Take the risk out of Covid-19. Book an initial call with our Head of Automation, Rully Arifin or email rully.arifin@procensol.com.au and we promise a fast response.

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