What does it take to attract and retain talent in high growth enterprises?

In Conversations With people and talent expert, Zoe Pashley

    • In our latest In Conversations With, Mervin spoke with Zoe Pashley, people, recruitment and organisational culture expert from Jackson Talent Management.   Zoe has been working in partnership with Procensol for several months now, helping us to build a culture and environment that people want to be part of.

      According to Zoe, Procensol’s innovation and openness to new ways of doing things is the key thing that attracted her to work closely with us.

      During the conversation Mervin and Zoe tackle several topics that are key to attracting and retaining the right people and talent.   As Zoe points out, there is no one size fits all when it comes to matching the right people with the right job and employer.  An army of clones, Star Wars style is certainly not what is required in today’s age of digital disruption.  People need humility, they need to be adaptable and resilient.  Employers need to provide a great place to work where people feel happy.  “Happy people are the healthiest” as a rule, according to Zoe.

      Culture of course underpins everything discussed.

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