Digital transformation – it’s not just for the big guys

    • Just as Procensol has been able to guide major government and corporate organisations to streamline and automate complex, multi-party processes that involve numerous enterprise systems, working with Signavio, the two organisations are now able to help the smaller end of the corporate marketplace.

      Does your team spend more time on process documentation than they do on innovation? The Signavio workflow tool allows you to streamline your processes and free up your time for creative thinking. Targeted at medium sized business users who want to perform intuitive and professional automation of personalised processes, this web based system will have an automated workflow system up and running in no time.

      • Seamless Integration with other cloud systems
      • No programming knowledge required
      • Comprehensive support and maintenance

      Recording and improving business processes forms the basis for an agile organisation. An initial consultation undertaken by Procensol will determine your requirements, identify bottlenecks and map out which processes can be digitised and automated. Tracking, reporting & compliance, approvals and paper trail transparency are some of the processes that can be streamlined by automation. Procensol will then undertake the implementation of the Signavio system and provide training and ongoing maintenance to ensure the system works for your business.

      Because there’s no point in digital for digital’s sake, your processes and systems need to support your organisation so that you can focus on your customers. In today’s marketplace the customer is technologically savvy and expects you to be too. Process automation not only benefits your internal processes but also your interactions with your customers.

      Contact us for further information or to arrange a consultation.

  • About the Author

    Mervin Chiang

    Head of Market Development, Procensol Australia

    As Procensol Australia’s Head of Market Development, Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation. Originally from Singapore and now based in Brisbane Australia, Mervin has held positions ranging from strategic BPM consulting, channel management, CIO, CTO to vendor management. He leads Procensol Australia’s market strategy, working with clients and partners to guide their Intelligent Automation, innovation and digital transformation investments.

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