The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection sets the benchmark for government digital transformation

    • Appian announced this week that the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) selected Appian’s low-code application platform to execute its digital transformation initiative, building an online environment for customer and partner engagement.

      Procensol was proud to be engaged and take the lead from Appian as the sole implementation Partner for the ‘Connect’ system in 2015. The digital transformation initiative positioned EHP as a best practice leader nationally and was recognised by IQPC’s Process Excellence Network. The award-winning program was one of the fastest application deployments in the world. “Having a platform that suits the needs of an organisation and can react fast enough to digitally transform a complex organisation is the key to EHP’s success,” said Procensol’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Mervin Chiang.

      We know first-hand that Government agencies are challenged by innovation and digital transformation projects (you can read our insights here). “Digital transformation is inevitable for businesses that want to remain competitive and provide the best customer experience possible,” said Karen Astley, Regional Vice President, APAC, Appian. Speed and consistency is key to successful digital transformation, using the Modern Business Transformation (MBT) framework we were able to help EHP to innovatively transform themselves.

      Astley also said, “Through this initiative EHP is demonstrating its innovation and industry leadership, showcasing the true power and agility of our low-code application platform and the benefits it brings when executing digital transformation initiatives. EHP’s new process is business driven focusing on the creation of mission critical applications that are more effective and efficient for all parties.”

      EHP’s ‘Connect’ System was named a winner in the Process Excellence Awards for 2016, you can watch the winner interview here. The PEX Excellence Awards are a globally recognised, annual industry awards ceremony, which honours and celebrates process excellence and service delivery teams who have exceeded industry standards.

      Moving forward, Procensol is assisting EHP to implement a continuous innovation and improvement practice. These are further maturity levels of the MBT framework to help tackle the demands of government and its ever-changing environment. This will additionally increase their reputation as a progressive and innovative State Government Department.

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