Forrester shares BPM and Business Transformation 2017 insights

    • Forrester’s new Business Process Management and digital transformation Playbooks consider guiding Customer-Centric Process Change and Digitizing your Business Strategy.

      The Forrester Playbook Executive Overviews are outlined below, linking to downloadable copies of the published material.

      The Business Process Management Playbook For 2017

      Process-focused application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals use business process management (BPM) for continuous innovation in and automation of customer-centric processes. Strategic approaches to BPM focus on how to organize, staff, direct, and execute a BPM program. Forrester’s BPM playbook guides AD&D leaders on how to adopt modern techniques, skills, and tools that put customers at the center of process improvement. Download The Business Process Management Playbook here.

      The Digital Business Transformation Playbook For 2017
      To compete in the age of the customer, your firm must become a digital business. As a digital business leader, it’s your job to shape how. You must enhance your digital customer experience while also driving agility and efficiency through digital operational excellence. This is a tough challenge. Few firms have made the transformation, and many more will stumble along the way. This playbook shows you how to drive digital business transformation in your firm. Download The Digital Business Transformation Playbook here.

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