FYI – We’ve added Signavio into our Toolkit

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      Our Agile BPM Implementation Toolkit (ABIT) just got stronger.

      This is just a quick note to say that we are pleased to have added Signavio’s Process Editor into our ABIT stack. What is ABIT? It is our ever-growing “bag of tools” to assist organisations in their Business Transformation or Agile BPM journeys.

      Procensol consultants are veterans in the field of BPM, solution implementation and business transformation. As you can imagine, collectively we can build up quite a collection of war stories, memorabilia and most importantly personally optimised tools of trade! ABIT is our attempt to consolidate them, teach them and share them.

      Here’s a list of what we have so far:

      • For Agile Implementation Management – Jira configs tailored for BPMS projects and training on how to use them
      • For Strategy in Agile BPM – A “starter” Agile BPM framework to use as a review tool when starting an Agile BPM program
      • Process Solution Accelerators (PSAs) – Collected in a mix of Appian artefacts, Applications or Process fragments for reuse (e.g. Payment gateway integrations, Asset Management ISO 55000, Permits Management, Facilities Management)
      • For Requirements and Show case Management – An application for Agile projects to do reviews or simply for continuous feedback management
      • For Process Architecture and Analysis (New!) – Signavio with pre-configured conventions and reports optimised for Agile BPM programs and projects
      • For Actual Agile BPM Transformation – We recommend Appian as the Platform for business change

      Are you mid-way through your Agile BPM journey or about to start? Have you got Appian and wonder how to unlock its potential even more? We’d be happy to share bits of ABIT with you. We can help you with a review of your current journey and see if any of the above can be applied. Who knows, you can even suggest a bit or two into ABIT!

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