Pardon Us… We Need To Blow Our Trumpets For A Bit

  • November 18, 2015
  • BPM, News
  • Author: Mervin Chiang
    • We have been rather quiet over the past few months… but there is a good reason for that. We have been busy. And it’s been busy in a productive way. Here are just two things that we’ve been busy with.

      Achievement Unlocked: Offline Mobile Workforce

      We’re first to roll out offline mobile capabilities on Appian in this region

      We are proud to announce that we have successfully delivered a solution using the Appian platform 1 on a mobile device for a State Government customer as soon as Appian could support offline mobile processing. This is a first in the Asia-Pacific region! What this effectively means is that our customer’s officers no longer need to bring paper forms, a camera, head off-site, spend a couple of hours filling those forms, only to bring it back to the office and key the same information into the system. All they need to do now is to bring their mobile device, log in, and enter the information directly into their mobile device. Furthermore, they do not need to worry when carrying out their work in areas that are out of mobile range. The solution was very well received. With this solution, the department’s modernisation, replacement and mobile workforce initiative has just gone a step further!

      Learn more about accelerating your enterprise with Mobile BPM here.

      Business Aspect and Procensol Join Forces

      We Were at the CFO Summit 2015 in Sydney

      Procensol have joined forces with Business Aspect to participate as experts in Agile Business Process Management (Agile BPM) at the 7th CFO Strategy Summit. This happened on the 10th and 11th of November in Sydney. This is an exciting time for us! Both at the summit and moving forward in working together. Jointly, we believe that Agile BPM can be used to implement business transformation initiatives with greater speed, better outcomes and increased satisfaction.

      Learn more about Agile BPM here (1.5mb file).

      Business Aspect assists clients with the execution of their business strategy through either large scale business transformation or by addressing smaller challenges in specific areas of the business. They focus on the business first, and the address technology needs as an enabler of required business outcomes.

      We hope you have enjoyed reading this short update! Drop us a note if you would like to find out more about Agile BPM, or how Procensol can help in your organisation’s business transformation program.

      1Procensol does not own or resell the Appian Platform. We are value-added service providers of this product and are certified practitioners of the platform.

  • About the Author

    Mervin Chiang

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Procensol’s Chief Operating Officer Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation. Mervin is responsible for Procensol’s Asia Pacific region. Originally from Singapore and now based in Brisbane Australia, Mervin has held positions ranging from strategic BPM consulting, channel management, CIO, CTO to vendor management.

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