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    • Implementing Agile BPM

      A talk by Mervin Chiang for the Australian Computer Society


      I have been invited to speak at an Australian Computer Society (ACS) event on the 15th of October here in Brisbane at Berkley’s on Ann – The Adina Apartments Hotel. The topic would be on “Implementing Agile BPM” and I thought you might be interested. Here’s an excerpt of the description of the talk:

      Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the global economy. There is a real drive towards efficiency and savings but yet a steadily growing demand in innovation, modernisation and digitisation.

      Essentially, organisations want to do newer things, more things with less money.

      Combining expertise in Strategy, Architecture Design, Project Management, Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions and Agile methodologies, we are able to meet these emerging business transformation demands with speed and flexibility without compromise in quality and completeness. We must. There is no other way. Procensol calls this approach implementing “Agile BPM”. This is what Mervin will be presenting at this event.

      I hope to see you there if you are interested. I was also told that it might be recorded or streamed. Let me know if you want to get access remotely. If you can make it, this is the link to the event to register: http://bit.ly/1KzJZWb

      Mervin Chiang
      Director – Product Marketing

  • About the Author

    Mervin Chiang

    Head of Market Development, Procensol Australia

    As Procensol Australia’s Head of Market Development, Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation. Originally from Singapore and now based in Brisbane Australia, Mervin has held positions ranging from strategic BPM consulting, channel management, CIO, CTO to vendor management. He leads Procensol Australia’s market strategy, working with clients and partners to guide their Intelligent Automation, innovation and digital transformation investments.

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