Going soft – the essential soft-skills for effective Agile development

    • Procensol’s people are one of our most important assets. We seek to engage with creative, courageous and talented people and we know that hiring only based on specific technical skillsets is an inappropriate strategy in today’s fast-paced and agile technology sector.  It is a person’s so-called soft-skills that can be a key hiring criteria.

      Our Specialist Enterprise Application Leadership (SEAL) internal training Program is broken into five stages of mentored development. As well as hiring experienced and specialist consultants, we look to introduce people from other industries (i.e. Engineering) who demonstrate generic soft skills and a keen interest in continuous skill development across platforms, methodologies and frameworks as they continue to be disrupted.

      In a recent Huffington Post article, Jared Buckley highlighted the Nine soft skills that he believes create a standout applicant – we think Jared has got them right:.

      Work-ethic – The ethical principles with which an employee delivers their work in accordance with. It’s key that our people fit with and believe in the Procensol values.

      Dependable – Owners and employers are typically wholly invested in the betterment of the organisation, “to many, it is a continuum of their whole life.”  They must be able to trust and rely on the people they employ to care for their business as they do.

      Positive attitude – Seems an obvious one but it is important that a person’s attitude is perceived as positive from the employer and the team’s perspective.  It makes a big difference.

      Self-awareness – An understanding of the skills, traits, strengths and weaknesses you bring as an individual and a team member. The ability to provide constructive criticism to yourself will allow you to self-improve as a professional.

      Self-confidence – “True self-confidence comes from deep within. Exercise your confidence and believe in your efforts”.

      Communication – Clear and consistent communication, across all interactions with people (beyond spoken words) highlights a proficient communicator. Communication is a fundamental element of a strong team.

      Multi-tasker- Managing multiple tasks and executing efficiently – not all at once – you don’t need to be a juggler, rather, the ability to manage multiple items in one day or week.

      Teamwork/collaboration – Being able to work in a team dynamic is just as important as working as an individual. “Much more than sharing, can you actively help your team members produce at their highest potential”.

      Adaptability – Agile minded, ready to adapt and keep moving forward. It’s a vital soft-skill in today’s disrupted industries that employees are interested in continuous skill development.

      You can read the full article from the by Jared Buckley in the Huffington Post, “9 Soft Skills Needed for Promotion and Hiring” here.

      Learn more about Procensol’s MBT framework or read Danny Johnson’s article, “SEAL Training for Modern Delivery” here.

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