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    • BPOINT by Commonwealth Bank in Australia provides a convenient way for your business customers to make online, phone and direct debit payments.  All your customers need is to enter their invoice details to direct payment to your business account. BPOINT gives you fast processing, real-time authorisations and same-day settlement; as well as offering world-class security to ensure your customers’ data is secure.

      BPOINT Appian ProcensolBPOINT – the easy way to add an online payment option to your business.

      Procensol’s Appian specialists have made it easy for you to integrate a BPOINT payment field on the Appian user interface.  While making a purchase or completing a payment users need to interact with payment gateways external to Appian. Using this component a payment screen hosted by BPOINT can be easily integrated into the Appian user interface.

      The component expects an authkey to be generated outside the plug-in and passed in as a parameter. The component uses an iFrame to embed the web page hosted by BPOINT.

      BPoint Field for Appian by Procensol. Now available on the Appian AppMarket,

  • BPOINT Field - In the Appian App Market now


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