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    • Introducing the Procure to Pay (P2P) application, a digital procurement solution armed with automation, advanced analytics and machine learning that improves your organisation’s decision making to procure goods and services efficiently.

      Procure to Pay offers a streamlined, customisable process from requisition to invoice in a single system.

      Procure to Pay, now available on the Appian AppMarket.

    • Faster Collaboration and Intuitive UX

      P2P is a single, easy to use solution delivering higher transparency in all processes, enabling you to build trust in the procurement process.

      It is a cloud-based tool that provides easy collaboration between suppliers and procurement teams to help develop joint value propositions.

      An easy and intuitive user interface means that extensive user training is not required.

      P2P provides an omnichannel experience, offering a similar look and feel whatever the device or browser.

    • Intelligent Automation

      The cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence-based solution helps identify the ideal supplier and product for procurement requests and shorten procurement cycles.

      P2P provides data extraction to process invoices and extract key data such as pricing and contract obligations from contracts, thus enabling intelligent procurement.

      The solution includes inbuilt validations, auto-notifications, and auto-approvals for given thresholds to achieve faster results with reduced risks.

    • Insights and Informed Decisions

      P2P provides a wealth of reporting and analytics options, including real-time dashboards and reports to display progress, pending approvals, and other workflow items.

      It provides predictive and advanced analytics to forecast expenses and anticipate procurement trends, volumes etc.

      P2P gives you the ability to create custom visualisations without needing to integrate with external visualisation tools.

      Configurable automatic triggers and alerts help minimise the risk of missing SLAs via real-time SLA tracking and reporting.

      Predictive intelligence with inbuilt machine learning delivers forecasting, budget, and supplier performance reports.

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