Award winning service delivery Services

    • Appian Services

      We have been delivering award winning projects on the market-leading Appian platform for over a decade.

      We are the most experienced and trusted partners for end-to-end Appian platform delivery in client projects.

      Appian Services

    • Project Delivery Review

      Organisations waste three to six months of productivity at the start of each project “storming” their team members into working well together. This can be avoided with a sound implementation methodology and capable resources at all levels within the project. Procensol has more than a decade of Agile implementation experience. Using this experience we can help teach, review or run your Agile project delivery team and make your project go faster.

      Project Delivery Review

    • Consulting Services

      Customers use us as their catalyst for innovation, transformation and change. We have worked with numerous organisations across various industries and projects.

      Collectively, we have the experience, courage and creativity to drive your aggressive initiatives to fruition.

      Consulting Services