Trusted, Local Appian Partners for over a Decade Appian Delivery, Support and Managed Services

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  2. Appian Delivery, Support and Managed Services
    • Since 2008, Procensol has delivered low-code Appian solutions for major enterprise clients worldwide, including major customers in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and the United States of America. Procensol is one of Appian’s most trusted delivery partners and has been recognised with multiple Appian and industry awards.

    • What is Appian?

      The Appian platform is a market-leading digital transformation platform. Analysts such as Gartner and Forrester position Appian as a leader in their latest ‘Low Code Development’ Platform, ‘Intelligent Business Process Management’ and ‘Dynamic Case Management’ quadrants.

      Appian is a unified platform, providing users with complete access to the full suite of software including a mobile user interface, processes, case management, rules, forms, content management, business activity and monitoring reporting, identity management, data integration and collaboration – all in one seamless, integrated platform.

  • Appian Provides

      • Enterprise rapid application development for digital transformation
      • Alignment of business and IT strategy with cloud and mobility
      • Ability to converge and unify your business
      • Power to deploy everywhere, instantly
  • We Deliver all Things Appian

    • Procensol is a trusted Platinum A-Score accredited partner and has been delivering end-to-end Appian solutions for over a decade.

      We manage your entire digital transformation lifecycle on the Appian platform. This includes phases that start from digital strategy through to solution delivery. We will support your continuous improvements and innovation initiatives on the Appian platform as well.

  • Our Appian Services

      • End-to-end solution delivery and management of Appian projects
      • Review of current implementation methodology
      • Performance and technical implementation reviews
      • Appian delivery team management
      • Agile SCRUM coaching on Appian projects
      • Process architecture design and roadmap planning
      • Expert Appian development and architecture design
      • Appian application post-release support
      • Establishment of center-of-excellence for continuous innovation and improvement with Appian
  • Procensol's Appian Awards and Achievements

    • Best Consultant Award
    • 10 year Appian Partner Award
    • Appian World Finalist
    • Appian A-Score Accredited
    • EHP PEX
    • CIO Outlook Top 20
    • 2 x Appian 2020 Value Award
  • Procensol's Appian Clients