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    • What is Robotic Process Automation?

      RPA can be utilised to create a digital workforce with 100% availability to complete rule-based tasks, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. RPA uses software ‘robots’ to interact with existing applications and automate repetitive tasks to free up employees for strategic and creative thinking. Robots can work together across a range of tasks, providing a high availability digital workforce that never sleeps and has a high level of accuracy.

      The RPA market is forecast to grow to over US$13 billion by 2030, up from just over US$1 billion in 2020 (Statista). Procensol are partner-resellers of one of the market leading RPA platforms, Automation Anywhere. Get in touch with us today so we can help you understand the benefits and clear, tangible ROI on automating through RPA.

  • Benefits of RPA

      • Reduce costs
      • Increase efficiency
      • Improve accuracy
      • Improve productivity
      • Quick ROI
      • Better interoperability with existing systems
      • Does not replace existing systems
      • Promotes agility
      • Improved customer experience
      • Rapid scalability
      • Higher availability
      • Improved employee morale
  • We Deliver all Things RPA

    • As partner-resellers of the largest RPA platform, Automation Anywhere, Procensol are well placed to assist you on your journey into Robotic Process Automation or help you build on what you have achieved so far. Procensol Australia was named winner of the Most Capable Partner Award at the Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Summit 2019.

      As AA Certified Master RPA Professionals, we have coupled over 10 years of consultancy experience with expertise in this exciting developing technology to deliver a high quality RPA service offering.

      In addition, Procensol are established Appian partners, positioning us as market leaders in the integration of the Appian and Automation Anywhere platforms. We work closely with both vendors to ensure we provide the most efficient integration during implementation and for you to continue to use going forward.

      Get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you identify suitable use cases for automation and help to produce proof of concepts to demonstrate how RPA can deliver value to your business.

  • Our RPA Services

      • Proof of concept work and help identifying suitable use cases for RPA using Automation Anywhere
      • End-to-end solution delivery and management of Automation Anywhere, including licensing
      • Establishment of centre-of-excellence for continuous innovation and improvement with¬†Automation Anywhere
      • Ongoing support with the platform and future scaling