2020 trends to look out for

    • The new decade promises to be a time of transformation. The way we work and how we operate is set to change significantly. As we get stuck into the new year, here are a few topics and trends that we think will define the foreseeable future:

      • The “rise of the bots” will continue as RPA becomes more mainstream and AI and machine learning continue to improve and find more use-cases. 
      • Love it or loathe it, oven-ready or not, Brexit will remain a hot-topic and is likely to see the introduction of a raft of new procedures, regulations and legislation for businesses and systems to track and conform to. 
      • Familiar and instantly recognisable brand names will continue to disappear, and not just from the high street. The most responsive businesses, those able to keep up with and embrace the rapid pace of technological advancement, will prosper at the expense of those that don’t. 
      • Digital transformation and intelligent automation will become increasingly available to a wider audience, and delivered at ever increasing speed and scale through a combination of low-code (not needing programmers), greater functionality (more sophisticated platforms), mobile (greater flexibility) and cloud architecture (not needing sophisticated on-premise IT infrastructure). All of which means the tools available can be readily assembled together to offer a one-stop-shop for digital transformation, “in a box” or “as a service”, for organisations and departments of all shapes and sizes, which is what we aim to achieve with Transform2.

      Our focus this year is to foster a culture of enablement and empowerment, for our colleagues and our clients. If you have any questions regarding your digital transformation initiatives this year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@procensol.co.uk

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    Procensol is recognised by major enterprise clients worldwide as a leader in building process-centric solutions for Business Process Management, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

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