Achieving true digital transformation with Intelligent Automation

Successful Appian implementation for QUT

    • Working with Appian and Procensol, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has achieved true digital transformation, replacing costly, inefficient manual processes with intelligent automation, exponentially improving the onboarding experience for their students and faculty staff. The team delivered the solution in just eight weeks and has accelerated processing times by 86%; QUT achieved rapid return on investment through intelligent automation.

      QUT is one of Australia’s leading universities. They are a new user of the Appian Digital Transformation platform and engaged Appian partner, Procensol, in conjunction with a robotics process automation (RPA) platform after an extensive market evaluation. The university knew they needed a solution to enable them to remove repetitive manual processes and duplication of work, fix compliance issues and take significant cost out of the business.

      We needed to fix the process and use technology to support the delivery for a better outcome… ~ Queensland University of Technology

      Procensol was pleased to be able to support QUT with their Appian enabled digital transformation. Being able to provide local, skilled, senior Appian practitioners who can quickly understand a client’s needs is one of Procensol’s key differentiators in the local Australian market, and something that is highly valued by our local clients when they need immediate support.

      Across the university’s 13 different faculties, the HR department handles more than 6,500 employee extension contracts annually, 3,000 new appointments and 14,000-17,000 academic employee appointments twice each year; and it does this with a team of just six (6) people and an aggregate of 1000 different paper forms. Each employment contract is 4-pages long and prior to this project, the printed document required an average of five separate approval steps that could take up to two weeks before a potential employee could receive a contract.

      This Appian enabled transformation is truly remarkable. The Procensol team in particular has played a key role in helping us to get the most out of our Appian implementation.

      As a result of this intelligent automation project, QUT has reduced the cost of processing Appointment Applications by 50% and improved the cycle time by 86%.

      Automation and digitisation of key processes improved staff and student experiences and significantly reduced operational costs and bureaucracy. A visible audit trial ensures confidence in business owners as they are able to monitor and report on key performance indicators.

      This implementation means that data is no longer siloed, and that QUT has near real-time transparency into thousands of employment contracts that are in different stages of being processed.  The new operating format also gives QUT the ability to scale, meaning the application can be rolled out as required in different faculties.

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