Appian A-Score affirms the business value of Procensol’s ‘Platinum-rated’ Professional Services

    • Professional Services often makes up the highest cost of any enterprise application development project and can therefore be the highest risk factor in the success of a project. We firmly believe that experienced resources are the key to mitigating that risk and delivering a successful project. Procensol’s Professional Services and Solutions are locally trusted and provide highly regarded expertise.

      Our consultants deliver Professional Services pursuant to Procensol’s corporate values including, excellence, courage, inspiration, innovation and humility.

      Procensol uses both qualitative data and business metrics to evaluate the business value of a project. Our people are trained and accredited in Appian. Procensol’s continuous development training and accreditation program ensures our consultants maintain the most up to date knowledge of Appian product developments and new features.

      As such, Appian assigns A-Scores to Appian Practitioners to identify the best suited resource to assist clients with Appian projects or programs. Numerical evaluation of individuals within Appian partner organisations based on the following criteria:

      • Level of Appian Training & Credential level
      • Assessment of overall quality and individual contribution to prior Appian deployments
      • Level of contribution to the Appian community at-large

      Appian A-Scores allow the evaluation of our consultants’ proficiency in Appian technology and methodology, their established quality of delivery and, their involvement in Appian’s customer and partner ecosystem.

      Procensol is proud to consistently be in the top bracket of Appian’s global ranking with trained and A-score accredited consultants.

      The majority of Procensol’s consultants hold a ‘Platinum’ or ‘Gold’ score, Appian’s top two levels of competence. Dan Cooke, General Manager for Procensol Australia is currently our leading Appian A-Score consultant.

      In the end, this means that Procensol’s Appian accredited consultants give you peace of mind and deliver exceptional quality with proven quantitative and qualitative business value.

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    Procensol is recognised by major enterprise clients worldwide as a leader in building process-centric solutions for Business Process Management, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

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