Case Study: Charities Trust

Case Study: Charities Trust

    • Improving efficiency and productivity with an IT team powered by low code.

      Charities Trust is a leading donations management organisation committed to growing charitable giving since 1987. They offer a wide range of services to help businesses raise millions of pounds for good causes, easily, safely and tax effectively.


      The challenge

      Charities Trust faced increased demand from clients, employees and beneficiaries for a greater number of digital services and required a faster time to deployment. The need to be compliant with financial services regulations also created a need for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Key business processes such as on-boarding new customers, vetting new charities and streamlining payments were identified as areas ripe for digital transformation.


      The solution

      Charities Trust were faced with three options; hire a large development team to do the work, buy generic software off the shelf, or use low code to build custom and scalable apps bespoke to their business. They chose the latter, and the Appian platform was chosen for its unparalleled out of the box functionality and its ability to speed up the product development process by up to 20x.

      Procensol were chosen to support and enable Appian adoption and rollout. Our years of experience implementing and using the platform was invaluable to the process, and allowed Charities Trust to quickly gain confidence in low code. Working alongside Charities Trust from day one allowed us to shape and steer the project to a successful conclusion, with maximum value extracted from the platform from the very beginning.


      The delivery

      The first Appian application developed was called Charity Portal. This streamlines on-boarding, relationship management and payment processing for the organisation’s registered charities. While improving visibility and responsiveness for the charities, it also provides the company with centralised, auditable, and sustainable processes. On web and mobile devices, Charity Portal unites users, data, and processes in simple interfaces that accelerate decision-making and action.


      “The biggest challenge for us was getting started. Having Procensol with us from the beginning was a huge help. They helped us unlock the power of the Appian platform and enabled us to realise its full potential as a tool for extraordinary change.” – Linda Minnis, Chief Executive


      The results

      The adoption of Appian and the support provided by Procensol has allowed Charities Trust to significantly increase their turnover without increasing headcount. The Charity Portal has streamlined and strengthened their relationships with charities and corporations and is continuously improved upon to maximise efficiency.

      They are now in the process of migrating other core business areas away from legacy systems, to the fast, flexible ecosystem that Appian provides.


      Chief Executive Linda Minnis said: “Appian is allowing us not only to improve on what we have done before but to reimagine what our industry will look like 20 to 30 years from now.”


      Why choose Procensol?

      Founded in 2008 in the UK, Procensol has become a global leader in process-centric solutions, focusing on digital transformation, business process management and technology innovation. Procensol specialises in the delivery of high performance commercial outcomes using low code applications, harmonising fragmented data sets to drive consistency, efficiency and profitability.

      If you would like more information on how Procensol can help you digitally transform using intelligent automation and low code solutions, get in touch at info@procensol.co.uk

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