Case Study: Client due diligence

Case Study: Client due diligence

    • Streamlining the process for relationship checks as part of client due diligence.


      About the client

      The client provides advice to more than 40,000 dynamic organisations across the UK public and private sector. This means they have high-volume relationship check requirements. The decision to create a more efficient and transparent relationship checking system reflects the wider goals of the business to be placed as the go-to firm for growth for dynamic organisations.


      The challenge

      The existing process saw relationship check requests posted to a notice-board style, internally-developed solution. Users with a relationship to the entity responded if they happened to see a check relevant to them. There was no process governing these requests, and results were delivered and resolved via email. This was a time-consuming and costly process. There was also no reporting completed or data collected with each request.


      The solution

      Relationship Checks evolved as a sub-project of client onboarding; which was established to improve processes around client take-on and continuance. Relationship check requests are a significant part of that process. It was also identified that improvements to relationship checking could also be of benefit for other uses, such as pre-bidding checks. The project was designed to be rolled out whilst the Client Take-On build was in progress and then to be used ad-hoc, following the completion of the project. With Relationship Checks in place, employees would no longer waste time on proposals and pitches for work that were not viable.

      In order to use Relationship Checks, users select entities with whom they want to engage. Appian connects with the Companies House Public Service API, which validates the company numbers, and auto-populates name and address where permitted. This then gets saved to the organisation’s database.

      A centralised “Client Take-On” team receives the request and carries out checks. The system brings back a searchable organised task list that allows the team to do their job efficiently and to report on the volume of work being processed, and also to record work that has been completed.

      The team obtains results through relatively efficient swivel-chair activity. Systems have the potential to be integrated when or if it is deemed necessary. Request results are then returned to users through the Appian digital transformation system.


      The delivery

      The Relationship Checks Project was rolled out over eight weeks from concept to delivery, both on time and on budget. Procensol delivered the solution in stages to the test environment, with “playbacks” to users and product owners after each weekly deploy, with one final deploy to production. There was an initial 3-week pilot program to 150 users, which was then rolled out in stages to a full user base of 5000.


      The results

      The Relationship Checks system was implemented with new processes and reportable data. This now contributes to a more efficient business process for over 5000 users in 167 departments across 26 services. It also provides greater transparency. Thousands of relationship checks have been carried out on thousands of entities. The system is able to identify over 400 restrictions, for instance conflicts of interest. The data from this process has also served to facilitate decision and policy-making in further areas of the company.


      Why choose Procensol?

      Founded in 2008 in the UK, Procensol has become a global leader in process-centric solutions, focusing on digital transformation, business process management and technology innovation. Procensol specialises in the delivery of high performance commercial outcomes using low code applications, harmonising fragmented data sets to drive consistency, efficiency and profitability.

      If you would like more information on how Procensol can help you digitally transform using intelligent automation and low code solutions, get in touch at info@procensol.co.uk

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