Case Study: GLAS

Case Study: GLAS

    • Leveraging the power of Appian to create 38 apps in 12 months

      GLAS (Global Loan Agency Services Ltd) was established in 2011 as an independent provider of debt administration services. Headquartered in London with offices across the world, they offer a wide range of administration services developed specifically for the debt market.

      See what Glas COO Stuart had to say about Procensol’s services.


      The challenge

      The teams within GLAS were seeking to consolidate their customer data on a single global platform, then leverage this data to further enhance their exceptional customer service. 

      The teams organised themselves using traditional software tools to manage the technical challenges of their service offering – however, as a high-growth company rapidly expanding its global footprint, an alternative solution was required to continue building the foundation for scalable digital transformation.


      The discovery process

      The key objective for GLAS was to better track and improve the richness of its data in terms of its Customers. Ultimately the aim was to deliver a rapid and user friendly answer to the question: “Who and where are our clients, and what do we do for them?”

      After seeing what was possible with a low code, agile platform such as Appian, GLAS partnered with Procensol to create a solution that addressed this question.  

      The solution sought to unify both teams and data, so that the company’s transactions could be managed more effectively. Procensol provided a single point of reference to understand how GLAS interacts with a given client, enabling more efficient onboarding as well as reporting on a client’s transactions and compliance checks in a single application.

      The overall goals were to manage workflow and control their customer information, legal documents and compliance materials, to facilitate all teams via Appian workflows, and to retire some of the off-the-shelf products that were causing bottlenecks, resulting in significant efficiency increases and cost savings.


      The delivery

      We provided a case management application using Appian, designed to manage the workflow between teams and to provide a data model effectively linking clients and transactions using Appian records. This application delivered a single view of the customer. 

      With Appian in place, GLAS has the benefits of an end-to-end system that stores and reports on all client touchpoints.

      This has enabled GLAS to record new transactions data over the duration of the onboarding process.

      Speed of execution is incredibly important to GLAS and a particular feature of the solution was to accelerate know your customer checks (KYC) when onboarding new customers or clients –  through integrations via API with an LEI Database and Companies House enable the automatic lookup and completion of client details.


      “The differentiation I found with Procensol is that they formed a real partnership with me and the company. Their developers have significant experience and we had access to senior members of the team from the beginning. They were also very honest and took the time to understand the business and the industry we operate in. The results have been fantastic.” – Stuart Draper, Chief Operating Officer, GLAS


      The results

      The Appian platform has been extremely well received within GLAS. To date, over 38 Appian-powered applications have been created. These range from vendor management systems to apps built to help navigate the challenges of remote working. Being able to capture corporate information and have one unified system of truth has revolutionised how GLAS deliver their services. 


      Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Draper said: “Appian is now part of the GLAS vocabulary. ‘Can Appian do that?’ is the first question asked when an idea is being considered.”


      Why choose Procensol?

      Founded in 2008 in the UK, Procensol has become a global leader in process-centric solutions, focusing on digital transformation, business process management and technology innovation. Procensol specialises in the delivery of high performance commercial outcomes using low code applications, harmonising fragmented data sets to drive consistency, efficiency and profitability.

      If you would like more information on how Procensol can help you digitally transform using the power of low code, get in touch at info@procensol.co.uk.

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