Is your CIO “Future-proofing” your business?

    • Future-proof* Your Transformation.

      CIOs should follow five laws when implementing their business applications.

      This video from Appian boldly claims that CIOs should follow five laws when implementing their business applications in 2015. The video claims that “Technology is constantly changing. Best practices one year may be obsolete soon after.” This is true especially in such a rapidly shifting business landscape. A common mistake most organisations make when deciding to embark on systemic business transformation programs is to look back and around them instead of looking forward. They proceed to transform by designing processes and selecting technologies based on their knowledge now instead of setting themselves up for the future.

      Think about it. What if your workers or customers next uses Google Glass or Apple Watch to interact and work?

      Here are the five laws Appian reckons CIOs should follow:

      1. If your apps are missing mobile capabilities, it’s a legacy product. Users want to be able to move seamlessly between platforms.
      2. Changing workforce demographics increase the emphasis on social collaboration. By 2025, Millennials will be 75 percent of the workforce, and much of the remaining workforce will be Generation Y.
      3. There can’t be such a canyon between cloud and on-premise applications. On-premise-only systems are becoming dinosaurs.
      4. Across the business, give employees the 360-degree awareness they need to make good decisions. Poor data access translates to poor decisions.
      5. Companies need to ensure that they aren’t creating tomorrow’s problems with today’s technology solutions. CIOs should look for future-proof applications without rigid coding demands.

      Do you agree with these five laws? Is your CIO thinking of them? Do you have more to add to the list?

      *”Future-proof” – adj. guaranteed not to be superseded by future versions, developments, etc

      Learn how business transformations can be done with future-proof technology

      Procensol will be introducing their Process Solution Accelerators (PSAs) at the Brisbane Breakfast Launch this 6th of May. PSAs are provided on the Appian Platform with the goal of improving your Thought-to-Deployment cycles while keeping your business running on a technology platform that is open and future-proof.

  • About the Author

    Mervin Chiang

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Procensol’s Chief Operating Officer Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation. Mervin is responsible for Procensol’s Asia Pacific region. Originally from Singapore and now based in Brisbane Australia, Mervin has held positions ranging from strategic BPM consulting, channel management, CIO, CTO to vendor management.

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