Karen Astley, Appian Vice President, Asia Pacific talks delivering transformational enterprise solutions with long-term Trusted Partner, Procensol

In Conversations with world leading digital transformation provider, Appian

    • Procensol’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Mervin Chiang was delighted to sit down with Appian Vice President of the Asia Pacific region, Karen Astley recently for an ‘In Conversations With’ discussion around Procensol and Appian’s joint capability, the Appian Trusted Partner Program, the key drivers behind digital transformation and what market opportunities are on the horizon. You can watch the full conversation below.

      Karen and Mervin discuss the exciting time we currently exist in, with the speed at which technology is turning industries on their head. Karen stressed Appian’s capability to provide the backbone for transformational enterprise solutions, integrating new technologies into an organisation. She suggested that the concept of the citizen developer is already happening and that companies are moving away from software development being only a function of specialist IT resources. Procensol is pleased to be a preferred and Trusted Partner of Appian to deliver these transformational enterprise solutions.

      Alongside the digital disruption the marketplace is experiencing and the capability Appian and Procensol have to manage this and rapidly transform organisations, Karen and Mervin discussed some of the key drivers behind digital transformation:

      Customers: A strong push from clients to enable to them to interact and complete work anywhere, anyhow and on any device.

      Employees: The desire for new technology that meets their needs to deliver work more efficiently.

      Leadership: Recognising that they must digitally transform of their business will suffer.

      Karen and Mervin also discuss Procensol’s longstanding partnership with Appian. Partners are important to Appian, especially working in the collaboration age. Their Trusted Partner Program was established after its Appian A-Score system was introduced, realising a tier of Partners who are highly committed to Appian, including Procensol. Trusted Partners receive early access to the quarterly new releases of the software, meaning they have the advantage of training their staff to the features of the new release before market release.

      You can gain further insight from Appian’s Karen Astley by watching the full video below.

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