Futures Thinking and its link to effective innovation, disruption, cultural change and transformation.

In Conversations with Colin Russo. Futurists and metaphors for change.

    • We can’t live in the past, we have very little time to live in the present so is the only place we can live and dream and think, the future?

      In our latest In Conversations With, Mervin Chiang and Colin Russo, Managing Director Engaging Futures talk change, disruption and futures thinking.

      According to Russo, as times change and change disrupts what we do, we need to take the time to step back, reflect and create new possibilities; new preferences.  We then need to find a way to make that possibility seem real to turn it into a pathway so you can navigate to a preferred future.  For Colin, Futures Thinking is about aligning what we do today with our hopes for a better future tomorrow.

      Easy for him to say.  How do people who are consumed with managing and operating in the now and the immediate future, change their practices to also be able to imagine and effect their alternate or desired longer term future?

      Mervin and Colin discuss the ins and outs of different thinking styles along with the importance of stories or metaphors to bring about cultural change; real change.

      To innovate and transform we need to hit culture which means we need to understand the organisational narrative; the story that everyone understands; and to shift culture you then need to paint a new story.

      Grab a coffee and enjoy this two part In Conversations With Colin Russo. 

    • In Conversations with Colin Russo Part A: Who are futurists anyway and why should we have one in the org chart….

    • In Conversations with Colin Russo Part B…stories and metaphors as a force for change.

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