Key insights from this year’s biggest enterprise transformation event, Appian World 2017

  • November 4, 2017
  • Appian
  • Author: Tim Clarke
    • Appian World 2017 was hosted in San Francisco from 03-05 April and attended by Procensol’s global Management Team. The event was a great opportunity for Appian partners, community peers and clients to come together and share digital transformation best practice. We shared photos and video throughout the duration of the event which can be seen here.

      The conference covered several Digital Transformation trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Appian’s Low-Code Platform improvements to name a few.  Appian invited a number of prestigious guest speakers to the stage and hosted numerous track and panel sessions including Procensol’s client, Australian State Government Department – the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP). You can read about our work with EHP here. The conference also delivered concurrent seminars focused on digital transformation such as awesome app design, Web APIs and advanced system integration, transformation best practices, advanced interface design and lots more.

      A diverse range of clients attended the event and shared their stories. There was a notable presence from Financial Services companies, including Goldman Sachs, Carlyle Group, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, First Bank, Sunsuper, Standard & Poor, Voya Investment Management, State Street and Pacific Life Insurance.

      Procensol’s management team engaged in plenty of key conversations and took many insights away from the conference, here are a few below:

      • The Appian product is developing to make it quicker and easier for configurators to deliver better results for the business and is a catalyst for Partners to drive the Transformation agenda
      • Appian aims to improve product alignment with digital transformation strategic plans through strategic partnerships with large software vendors. Low-code enterprise integration and robotic automation process will be supported by these partnerships and will help maintain presence in the aPaaS market
      • Appian introduced the “Decision Rule” feature within its product to allow customers to easily create complex decision logic through a series of simple steps. Decision Rule is developed based on DMN (Decision Model and Notation) which is an industry standard designed by OMG (Object Management Group) that describes and models repeatable decisions so that it can become interchangeable across organisations
      • Appian sees the future of features on demand, essentially brokering access to a range of different feature providers, making it easier and more seamless to integrate advanced features into the platform

      Procensol is an A-Score accredited Appian partner and understands that experienced best practice consultants are key to implementing the Appian platform and delivering successful projects.

  • About the Author

    Tim Clarke

    Director, Sales & Marketing

    Tim Clarke oversees Procensol’s sales and marketing operations in the UK and Europe and is responsible for driving growth for Procensol’s clients and service partners. Tim has close to 20 years of experience in the IT industry specialising in end-to-end application architecture design, implementation and integration. Prior to joining Procensol, Tim spent seven (7) years delivering BPM based case management solutions from a customer’s point of view. This gives Tim a unique advantage of truly understanding what businesses are looking for, the challenges they face in the current market and how best to maximise your BPM solutions.

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