Kin Lee’s fresh take in hackathon gets him the opportunity to meet Steve Wozniak at Appian World 2018; Sudoku.

Kin Lee from Procensol an Appian World 2018 Hackathon finalist

  • April 18, 2018
  • Appian
  • Author: Procensol
    • Procensol’s very own Kin Lee is a finalist in the Appian World 2018 Hackathon. Kin was the only finalist to have developed an app in Appian that can be used for fun and the risk has paid off.

      Kin faced off with Appian specialists from around the globe, bringing his Low-Code A-game to the table to build his exciting and fun application on the Appian Platform. Once he had refined his idea it only took a week to get a production ready solution.

      What Kin has shown us in developing a Sudoku app in the Low-Code Appian platform is just how simple it is to remove the coding complexity when building applications using Appian. And what better way to do this than with the complex and brain bending Japanese game, Sudoku.

      Whilst Kin has used the opportunity to create something fun, what he has really demonstrated is the breadth of possibility using the Appian platform.

      “Procensol encouraged us to be as creative as we liked in what we chose to build in the Appian World Hackathon. I’m a Sudoku fan and this inspired me to build a fun app from a complicated game and show just how diverse the Appian platform can be. Appian can easily handle the complex algorithms and I think my solution shows how diverse the possibilities are for what you can build in Appian. Business process management is important but it shows that Appian can be used for all sorts of business and creative applications,” said Kin Lee.

      “We are so proud of him, said Procensol’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mervin Chiang. We encourage creativity and initiative in our organisation and Kin has certainly lived out our values here. We wish him all the best in Miami at Appian World.”

      As a finalist, Kin has been invited to attend Appian World in Miami, Florida in April where he will demo in-person to an all-star panel of judges, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. First, Second, and Third place winners will be announced from the main stage of the conference.

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