The MBT framework website has officially launched!

    • Procensol is proud to announce that the Modern Business Transformation framework website is now live! Explore the framework resources and read about the MBT Certification program that empowers individuals and partnering companies to use, enhance and extend the framework for their own purposes.

      The framework was developed by Procensol and a diverse group of industry experts and is based on more than a decade of their collective knowledge and practical experience.

      The MBT framework is a systematic, repeatable and holistic approach to enable organisations to tackle the challenges of innovatively transforming themselves – continuously, consistently and predictably.

      We live in a world of constant change. Economies, industries, governments and even technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional ICT and business transformation strategies can no longer keep pace. We’re also living in an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive and where information hogging and protecting knowledge is diminished. It is out of this climate that the MBT framework was born.

      The MBT framework sets organisations up to be Change Resilient.

      Click here to see the MBT framework website.


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    Procensol is recognised by major enterprise clients worldwide as a leader in building process-centric solutions for Business Process Management, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

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