Mervin reckons BPM should be disruptive for Big Change

    • I had recently sent out a personal email to all my “like-minded” contacts to try and reconnect with them and also to comment to my fellow practitioners and colleagues about about the state of Business Process Management currently. In a way, it was an email to “test my theories” against the Australian BPM community.

      Here’s what I wrote:



      It’s been a while. How have you been?

      Firstly, I want to apologise for sending such a seemingly impersonal email to you. I hope that over the next couple of months I’ll have a chance to personally contact you again to catch up.

      So why am I reaching out to you? Why now? You see, I feel that these are exciting times ahead. Especially in the space of Business Process Management and Improvements. I believe that the BPM discipline is now in strive as it collides against the market demands for speed at low cost. And Procensol has given me a chance to explore my funny ideas about these issues in BPM.

      As you might know, I had spent the last nearly 12 years in the BPM industry. I had watched its trends, methodologies, technologies and pains from quite a lot of angles. The last 3 years had been with a leading BPM software vendor. Watching, studying, learning, waiting. I had grown slowly, but steadily frustrated with how us practitioners, the vendors and customers all want the same thing but seem to constantly fall short of it and take compromises along the way. I started to test my idea. I coined the concept that BPM should be distruptive when I was at Appian. Full article here.

      Now (and the reason for reconnecting) I feel that I’ve gathered enough understanding and my thoughts together to begin a new journey to indeed “disrupt” BPM. Why bother you might ask? Well, I’m sure in one way or another, you have felt this need to go faster. To do more with less. Your role demands it. You want to do it personally perhaps. Your business can’t survive without it.

      Gone are the days where we have huge budgets and lots of time to do stuff. “Big Change” is the new trendy phrase. Businesses want to do big things with lesser and faster too. I believe we know enough and have enough smart technologies right now to do it. All we need to do is to connect the BPM-as-a-discipline “dot” with the modern-BPM-technology “dot” plus a few enhancements of my own.

      Through Procensol, I will be attempting to do this with a product called Appian and using new methodologies and ideas as I learn and borrow from existing BPM and AGILE methodologies. I’m hoping that you can help me on this journey by doing the following:

      Please don’t unsubscribe from this list. I’ll be sending out lots of new and hopefully useful ideas for you to use in your business.

      Reconnect with me. Hit “reply” and say “Good’day”. Don’t be a stranger. I’m always up for a chat, a challenge of my ideas and to improve our thinking together.

      Tell others. Forward them this email and cc me if you think they would be keen to see how BPM can be disruptive for the better.

      Thank you for reading the whole letter! As I said, I am really excited about the times ahead and hope you are too. For now, let me leave you with this video that we made to give you an idea of one of the directions we’re heading.



      This was the embedded video mentioned in my email letter:

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