Not tool agnostic and proud of it!

    • As a consultant, I’m not agnostic to the technologies that I endorse and use. And I’m proud of it.

      In Procensol’s case we advocate Appian and Jira for various different purposes. I mean, think about it – imagine a reputable sushi chef, hired by a famous restaurant in Japan. He starts work at the restaurant by coming up with a plan and some diagrams in PowerPoint slides about how to make the best sushi in the world – in theory. He never once steps foot in the fish markets! Or touches a knife in the kitchen. No! He goes to ALL fish markets. Picks the freshest fish. He uses the best knives and cuts into the fish with precision and puts the sushi together and plates it up to the customer. He is intricately involved in the whole process, either overseeing it or hands-on with it.

      Honestly, I find the whole concept of consulting without using and advocating the best tools in the market or even the entire software tender process clients go through disconcerting – especially in this present business climate. It boggles my mind! Each stage of the process to me seems like waste. Yes, I understand the governance required, the importance of audits and due diligence. However, I worry we have swung too far to the other end. The universities and architects develop frameworks but don’t build anything real. The management consultants develop Microsoft documents that don’t exactly play out how they predict, in the time they suggest it should. The software vendors fight to respond to tenders trying to fit square pegs into the clients’ round holes because some executive had a great idea six months ago. Businesses spend months on business cases that promise the world but deliver very little after spending too much. Every link in this chain – from strategy to implementation – is fraught with waste, latency, lost in translations and risks.

      Can we afford to keep doing the wrong things in different ways and expect a better result I wonder? At what cost?

      So yes, Procensol uses a combination of Business Transformation, Agile and Business Process Management disciplines on top of a foundation of carefully selected, market-leading, technology in order to get things done. That’s what we’re after isn’t it? In its simplest form, everyone just wants to improve themselves. As fast as possible. With as little money as possible. Speed and low cost cuts through politics, shuts up objections and “proves the pudding”.

      Imagine being able to form an idea and have your idea in the hands of your customers or employees within weeks. As fast as you can say the words “Proof-of-Concept”. Isn’t it crazy, then, to put on the breaks and go into tender mode and think about it? Wouldn’t that throw into question what’s the point of analysing and “strategising” for months and months? Got it wrong or wasn’t quite as planned? Well, adapt! Do another round of idea-to-solution and monitor progress. Evolve. Improve. Prove.

      This month, we’ve released a case study that talks about exactly this. We’ve proven that this can happen and it’s not a myth. At Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, a PoC started out as an idea and is potentially flourishing into a full transformation initiative.

      So, what do you think? Are you frustrated with the way innovation, business change and improvements are done? Or do you think these silo-ed approaches are required for a more warm and fuzzy future? What about skill sets and role requirements? What about people? Do we need PMs, BAs and Developers? Or all-in-“wonder” consultants? Where do we find these species of professionals?

      We’d love to hear your ideas on this topic, please feel free to post a comment below or send us an email.


  • About the Author

    Mervin Chiang

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Procensol’s Chief Operating Officer Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation. Mervin is responsible for Procensol’s Asia Pacific region. Originally from Singapore and now based in Brisbane Australia, Mervin has held positions ranging from strategic BPM consulting, channel management, CIO, CTO to vendor management.

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