Procensol Day 2017 – Team development for long term success

    • Our Australian based team attended the inaugural Procensol Day 2017 during March, to collaborate and complete group activities facilitated by Achieving Results. The event was aimed at embedding a culture of long term success and understanding the capability of the current team and how best to utilise this intelligence.

      Each team member was individually profiled using the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel based on their professional skills and work role preferences.

      These role preferences included,

      • Reporter Advisor: Gathering and reporting information
      • Creator Innovator: Creating and experimenting with ideas
      • Explorer Promotor: Exploring and presenting opportunities
      • Assessor Developer: Assessing and testing the applicability of new approaches
      • Thruster Organiser: Establishing and implementing ways of making things work
      • Concluder Producer: Concluding and delivering outputs
      • Controller Inspector: Controlling and auditing the working of systems
      • Upholder Maintainer: Upholding and safeguarding standards and procedures

      This activity highlighted some interesting results about our current team’s key skills and capabilities, such as having a large numbers of Thruster Organisers. It was also great to profile the team based on their professional motivators such as quality, practicality, creative, communication, logic, results, supportive, flexibility and so on.

      This information can be used when considering team dynamics, individual motivators and understanding what gaps might need filling with new talent.

      Procensol Day was extremely rewarding, allowing the team to break away from their every-day client work and to challenge themselves individually and as a group about how to take advantage of understanding the current skillset moving forward.

      #ProcensolDay17 was captured on camera, please see our Facebook page to view the event photos.

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