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  • March 9, 2015
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    • Procensol has arrived down under and placed a flag on its soil. Procensol Australia has been established since October 2014. Not exactly new, but the last six months has been dedicated to setting up the company and establishing ourselves.

      We are pleased to say that we now have a strong project going in Brisbane and a strong pipeline for this year. The newly appointed Director of Product Marketing, Mervin Chiang and one of our current Directors, Dan Cooke will be heading the team in Australia. We sent Dan to Australia in 2012 on a reconnaissance project looking to see if it was feasible to set up a subsidiary down under. Two years later, we have finally made the decision that having an office in Brisbane will assist in our growth plans to expand into the Australia-New Zealand market and eventually into the Asia Pacific Market.

      On top of helping Dan to run the Australia office, Mervin will be leading our company facelift and assisting us in repositioning ourselves in the market. We are very excited with the progress so far and the many more things being released over the next few months.

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