SEAL Training for Modern Delivery

    • Special Operations Forces provide intelligent operations to support innovation

      At Procensol, we realise that change is constant. We realise that our team members are our most important asset. We also realise that hiring specific technical skillsets is an inappropriate strategy in today’s fast-paced technology sector. As Global Recruiter, Andrew Masih laments, “not a single day goes by where I don’t have this conversation with a CTO or HR that is looking for 2 or 3 developers with a profile that doesn’t exist in the market”.

      Procensol’s internal training program is committed to developing intelligent, enthusiastic and dedicated people in to trusted specialists for on and off-site deployments in any environment. Our Specialist Enterprise Application Leadership (SEAL) Program covers five (5) stages of mentored development, providing SEAL Team members with a clear progression pathway.

      New consultants are recruited based on their soft-skills more so than their technical-skills. We’ve recruited people from other industries such as Engineering, who have demonstrated these generic skills and shown a keen interest in continuously developing their skills as platforms, methodologies and frameworks continue to be disrupted. Of course, more experienced specialist consultants are also employed as needed and fast-tracked to a relevant SEAL Stage, but they must first demonstrate these same soft-skills. Team members are then expected to continuously train and remain fit for rapid deployment in our client’s organisation.

      Through having an internal training program with a clear customer-focused purpose and providing all consultants with modern communication tools for immediate access to knowledge, there is more to what makes Procensol consultants special.

      Procensol consultants are trained in modern best-of-breed platforms, methodologies and frameworks. These additional tools have been meticulously integrated in to a single market-leading, end-to-end, innovation-delivery framework called Modern Business Transformation. All consultants are trained to not only become a specialist in their chosen area(s) but to also look at problems and solutions strategically across the delivery cycle and the enterprise.

      But don’t just take our word for it. Appian, one of those best-of-breed platforms, maintains a ranking of all its partners. The Appian A-Score rankings allow you to “evaluate an individual partner practitioner’s proficiency in Appian technology and methodology, their established quality of delivery, and their degree of involvement in Appian’s customer and partner ecosystem”. Procensol is and has been a world-leader for some time in these rankings.


      Procensol recruits and retains quality consultants, capable of leading and adjusting strategy on-the-fly to suit our clients’ changing needs because of our approach to continuous training in line with progression goals and customer-needs, embedded within a mature communication network and supported by market-leading platforms, methodologies and frameworks. Learn more about SEAL Training here.

      Are you in need of a small-unit agile team for your next deployment? Click here to arrange a discussion about your strategic objectives and the specialist capabilities required to fulfill them.

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