A Note from the CEO: The Evolution of Process

    • Procensol is proud of its process-centric history with regard to business transformation – it’s in our “DNA”.

      The name Procensol is derived from Process-Centric Solutions and process is, after all, at the heart of everything a business does. Processes underpin customer engagement, fulfilment and satisfaction, corporate compliance and competitive advantage. Without control over its processes your business is in a constant state of chaos.

      We have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in delivering solutions using Workflow and BPMS platforms, but we recently found ourselves pondering whether our own identity is now at odds with that of our industry peers and partners. 

      Today the buzz is all about Low Code, Digital Transformation and Automation and it’s easy to dismiss such phrases as being part of the hype cycle but the simple fact is, the solutions behind them are delivering tangible business benefits. Appian’s approach to modern business transformation goals is one that’s seen it put a great deal of effort and investment into becoming a best of breed low code platform with a record centric view of the enterprise. 

      So, as a long-standing Appian partner, how do we square our process-centric heritage with this and remain relevant? The two are not incompatible and the first part is easy; why would you want to stick with complex, highly bespoke and business unreadable code if you want to deliver modern, responsive solutions in an agile way? Low-code is clearly the way forward. As for the second part; information, or data, is at the core of each and every business process. Each process starts with a view of its domain through data, be that a customer, an order, a compliance outcome or a competitive advantage goal. Data is enriched and enhanced along its process journey and each process will end with a more complete version of its original data. A record is simply an assembly of data.

      Appian as a platform brings together information from an often fractured data landscape, from different systems, siloed solutions, clients, staff and supply chains alike. A record presents this information both logically and visually for a consolidated view of the enterprise. Your business processes act upon this consolidated view and Appian, along with our expertise, brings the two together beautifully.

      This is why Procensol are proud to be Value Added Resellers of the Appian platform. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you transform your business send me an email today and we can have an informal chat about your needs. 

      My email is Steve.Huckvale@procensol.com.

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    Procensol is recognised by major enterprise clients worldwide as a leader in building process-centric solutions for Business Process Management, Digital Transformation and Innovation.

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