The Roadmap to Enablement: Appian Europe 2020

    • “2020 has been a year like no other,” said Appian CEO Matt Calkins, in his keynote address at this year’s (virtual) Appian Europe, “it’s been a struggle, it’s been difficult. But at some point I believe we’ll be proud of the way we rallied together and handled it.

      “This is the year that the technologies we have been working on for years became important to everybody. We’ve been talking about agility for a long time, we’ve been talking about digital transformation for a long time, and this year society has reacted to the pandemic with technology. And they turned not just to any technology but – in part – to ours.”


      Best of breed

      The overarching theme of Appian Europe 2020 was ‘best of breed’ and Procensol were proud to be Platinum Sponsors of an event full to bursting with some of the world’s leading tech and digital talent, including some of the biggest and brightest organisations in the world.

      We were also delighted to win the Appian 2020 Value Award for  “Outstanding Achievement in Delivery Excellence and Time to Value”. This would have been a fantastic achievement in any year but in a year so marked by misfortune and tragedy it was an exceptional testament to the hard work and vision of our team in the face of almost constant adversity.

      Congratulations also to Tim Clarke, Procensol’s Principal Solutions Architect and one of our resident Appian experts, who delivered a fantastic talk on enablement – how businesses can scale their efforts and maximise their outcomes with the Appian platform.


      “Enablement,” says Tim, “is a process that should be dependent on your organisational needs and wider goals.”

      Below are his four golden rules for Appian delivery success:

      1. Plan

      Whatever you want to achieve with low code, many areas require an upfront plan to deliver results. Consider the level of enablement that your organisation needs in order to thrive – do you need an internal end-to-end team in order to achieve your goals? Or would a hybrid or full managed service be more appropriate? Whatever you choose, it must be part of your project or programme plan. Be S.M.A.R.T. with your goals and once, chosen, commit to your delivery method and see it through.


      2. Understand

      One mistake that many organisations make is that they fail to fully understand the Appian platform and ecosystem before they begin to use it. Understand that it is a multi-faceted, responsive community, and not just a plug-in-and-play development tool. There is the Appian Platform, the Appian Community and the Appian AppMarket to visit and interact with before you can succeed. Take the time to understand the ecosystem and it will become much easier to get projects off the ground when the time comes.


      3. Align

      Aligning your organisational needs with a partner that can guide you through this journey is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Realise at the beginning that the challenges you are facing as a business are likely not unique; someone else in the Appian Community has had the same problem and already solved it. So reach out to trusted partner organisations like Procensol because the solutions to your key challenges may be closer than you think.


      4. Trust

      Back your up front commitments and starting vision and see them through. Revisit those S.M.A.R.T. goals you made back in step one to make sure you are on track with your delivery outcomes and timeframes. Often large projects are completed with the help of expert partners but once these are complete you are on your own. When transitioning to an internal delivery team keep things simple to begin with – focus on retaining the confidence of key stakeholders and leaders. Then, when it is time for the next big challenge, you will have the tools and skills you need to succeed.


      Looking ahead

      As we head into the final months of 2020 it’s clear that we have a long way to go before things get back to normal – if, indeed, they ever can. One thing is for certain though: low code will have an even bigger part to play in a post-pandemic world. In an increasingly uncertain landscape it will be agility, flexibility and responsiveness that matter to customers and clients, and Appian delivers on all three.

      We’ve made Tim’s Roadmap to Enablement slides free to download. Click here to get access.

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