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    • Founded in 2008 in the UK, Procensol has become a global leader in process-centric solutions, focusing on digital transformation, Business Process Management and technology innovation. We specialise in the delivery of high performance commercial outcomes using low code applications, harmonising fragmented data sets to drive consistency, efficiency and profitability.

      In just over a decade we have become a trusted partner and advisor to customers worldwide, from major enterprise clients to start-ups that are changing the world.

      We believe in hiring and training the right talent. That is why our teams – whether they focus on software development or business transformation – are the best.

      As a result, our experts have delivered enterprise application process improvement solutions across some of the biggest global sectors, including successful projects for businesses in the fields of Financial Services, Insurance, Higher Education, Government, Retail, Media, Telecoms and Transport, amongst others.

      At Procensol we nurture thought leadership and encourage the creative mind. Take a look at our company values below. 

  • Procensol Values

      • Courage, to fearlessly challenge the status quo.
      • Inspiration, to inspire others and ourselves to strive for better.
      • Innovation, to nurture a creative mind for new and agile solutions.
      • Excellence, to always give our best in all we do.
      • Integrity, to deliver honest, ethical, fair, and reliable business services.
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