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    • As we transition from the Information Age to the Innovation Age, modern businesses are beginning to realise the benefits of collaboration. To reflect this change in business we have created Procensol’s partners and alliances network.

      Our network is a mixture of modern, market-leading technologies and service providers that can add significant value to a customer’s business transformation journey.

      This is critical in a transforming climate. Our customers do not need to waste time testing out what does or doesn’t work – we’ve done that for them.

  • Strategic Alliances

      • appian
      • APPIAN

        Appian is positioned as the market leading platform in Digital Transformation. Analysts such as Gartner and Forrester describe Appian as a leader in their latest ‘Low Code Development Platform’, ‘Intelligent Business Process Management’ and ‘Dynamic Case Management’ quadrants. Appian is a unified platform that provides a mobile user interface, process, case management, rules, forms, content management, business activity monitoring reporting, identity management, data integration, and collaboration. Appian is an all–in-one seamless, integrated platform. Procensol has been a trusted Platinum A-Score accredited partner for end-to-end Appian innovative project delivery for nearly a decade.

      • Automation Anywhere Logo

        Automation Anywhere is the world’s largest software provider of robotic process automation, the most widely-used platform for building world-class intelligent digital workforces. Automation Anywhere’s enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side-by-side with people to do many of the repetitive tasks required in every industry. It is the only true intelligent digital workforce platform because it combines sophisticated RPA with cognitive and analytic technologies. Over 1,000 organisations use this AI-enabled solution to manage and scale business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. As trusted partner-resellers, Procensol can help you realise the huge benefits robotic process automation can bring to your business.

  • Partners

      • Cognition Agency Logo

        Cognition is the first UK agency to integrate marketing, sales, psychology and technology. They are also the largest HubSpot Platinum Partner in the UK with a track record of successful delivery in territories as diverse as Chile, the US, Europe, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. Cognition’s methods are flexible and proven to deliver results for mid-market businesses and large corporations. 

      • SoftEd Logo
      • SOFTED

        SoftEd provides exceptional learning experiences to assist organisations transitioning to digital. Specialist in software training and development, it has been working with organisations to build internal tech talent for a quarter of a century. Together, Procensol and SoftEd are developing some exciting new ways of looking at the world of agile transformation and delivery.

      • TruForm Logo

        TruForm Consulting is a leading provider of business analysis services, delivering value to organisations by providing quality, timely and accurate business analysis specifications. Its outputs are specifically designed to address the disruptive nature in which modern businesses have to operate and, together, we are able to deliver rapid, agile and innovative solutions through Procensol’s MBT Implementation Framework.

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