Propel your organisation into the digital future. Today! Digital Workforce Automation Pilot


      Expression of Interest Applications (2020)

      Procensol Australia and Automation Anywhere have launched a nationwide opportunity for organisations to submit an Expression of Interest to participate in a Digital Workforce Automation Pilot. We are seeking interest from organisations with an appetite to collaborate and co-invest to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovation capacity of your organisation.

      The Digital Workforce Automation Pilot is open to registered Australian businesses or charitable organisations. You are invited to submit your Expression of Interest to participate via the online form below.

      We encourage businesses and not for profits to identify processes in your operations which will benefit from automation. We are passionate about helping people see how easy it can be to elevate your workforce and have people and bots working alongside each other for the benefit of your organisation as a whole.

      We want to meet you where you are and bring you to where you want to be in an accelerated timeframe.

      We are looking for matched-investment for collaborative, industry-led projects with clear commercialisation or community development applications and which address at least one process that you would benefit from automation.

    • Application Form

    • The people and the organisations who are embracing the Digital Workforce are the ones who will prosper in the digital era.

      Rather than being afraid of complementing teams with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, digital leaders recognise the value they can bring to their people and the business overall by integrating a Digital Workforce into business operations.