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    • Modern Government solutions need to be transparent to the public, digital-first and resilient to changing environments. In the modern age of innovation governments are struggling to keep pace. There is a high demand for digital business transformation and innovation but not the means to deliver this successfully within the existing structure. Procensol has delivered multiple core systems to government, helping them transform their approach, processes and technology in anticipation of a changing world.

      Our framework approach to government enables and embeds the culture of agility, innovation and constant change while rapidly delivering modern and scalable solutions. Governments, like other large organisations, need to be able to provide modern services to keep pace with demand, optimising resource allocation and managing process effectiveness. Our modern government solutions were created with this in mind and are designed to introduce a culture of continuous innovation and agile product delivery to forward-thinking government agencies.

      Using the Appian Cloud Platform we build a robust foundation whereupon all elements of the technology are leveraged to meet the innovative, strategic and technological needs of this demanding and highly regulated industry.

  • Examples of Solutions

      • WASTE CERTIFICATES AND TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT – Allowing users to log three part waste certificates online and on mobile devices (includes pre-pay digital books and credit card options)
      • ONLINE PERMIT APPLICATIONS – Standard permit applications, automatically granted/denied depending on the response of the user
      • SITE SPECIFIC PERMIT APPLICATIONS – Complex permit applications covering lodgement, assessment, client information requests etc
      • WILDLIFE AND MACROPODS MANAGEMENT – Wildlife and macropod (e.g. kangaroos) harvesting, allocation of types and numbers by regions, tag management and harvester management
      • COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT – Compliance of granted permits, including offline mobile inspections and full end-to-end management of planned and unplanned compliance cases
    • For more information on our work with government take a look at our award-winning Connect System, built for the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in Australia.

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