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    • Bring Strategy, Innovation, Implementation and Operations together and become change ready.

      The world is changing fast. Traditional IT and business transformation strategies are failing to keep up with the rate of change and falling behind. It is this current climate that led to the creation of the MBT Transformation Framework.

      Developed by a diverse group of industry experts and powered by Procensol, the MBT Framework is based on more than a decade of collective knowledge and practical experience.

      The MBT Framework will help you develop a plan for successful digital transformation. It is designed to help transforming organisations to become change resilient. For more information on the MBT Transformation Framework visit the MBT website.

  • The MBT Framework

    • The MBT Framework is a systematic, repeatable and holistic approach to enable organisations to tackle the challenges of innovatively transforming themselves – continuously, consistently and predictably.

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    • The MBT Framework has been created for modern organisations seeking business transformation. Learn more by clicking below.