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    • Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solutions are usually large and complex depending on the nature of the organisation. Procensol has extensive DCM experience and has delivered solutions for nearly 10 years. The true value in our approach lies in our ability to deliver a fully managed program and a modern and digital solution on a platform, enabling the client to start their continuous innovation and digital transformation journey.

      Our framework approach enables and embeds the culture of agility, innovation and change while delivering the DCM system. This means implementing the solution is not a one-off exercise, but an incorporated continuous innovative process and agile business practice going forward.

      Using the Appian Cloud Platform as a strong foundation, all elements of the platform are used to meet the innovation, strategy and technology needs of any dynamic case system project. Analysts such as Gartner and Forrester position Appian as a leader in their latest ‘Dynamic Case Management’ quadrant.

  • What is Dynamic Case Management to us?

  • Examples of solutions

      • FINANCIAL – A comprehensive case management system solution, enabling the selection of one or multiple investment project(s) and the subsequent management of the investment(s)
      • PHARMACEUTICAL – Manufacturing and product development project management within a pharmaceutical company
      • GOVERNMENT – Permit approvals, conditions enforcement, assessments and incident management for government agencies
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