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    • For nearly a decade, Procensol customers have engaged us as their catalyst for innovation and transformation. We have worked with numerous organisations across various industries and projects. Collectively, we have the experience, courage and creativity to drive ambitious initiatives to fruition.

      In short, we…

      • Engage – Facilitate creative planning workshops and engage key stakeholders
      • Inspire – Design new ways of doing, helping you challenge your status quo and culture
      • Embed – Advise, lead and manage continuous innovation and transformation
      • Adapt – Assist in your business and digital transformation initiatives


  • Additional Services


      Our world thrives on innovation and collaboration. Creativity is the new capital. With that said, even innovation and creativity need to be managed in order to get the best outcomes. Our digital innovation consulting and digital strategy consulting can help you get the most out of your brightest ideas.


      Traditional ICT strategies and business transformation strategies can no longer keep pace with the rate of global change. We have developed The MBT Framework as a systematic, repeatable and holistic approach to enable organisations to tackle the challenges of innovatively transforming themselves – continuously, consistently and predictably.


      Significant time and resources tend to be wasted at the start of a project as all of the moving pieces start to work together. This loss can be avoided by implementing a sound methodology from the beginning. Our agile consultancy services can teach, review or run your team or processes to a fast and efficient agile project delivery.


      Process is usually the DNA of any organisation and best practice Business Process Management should be the heart. Unfortunately, not every organisation does this well. Often misunderstood as modelling, the “M” in BPM actually stands for management. We can help teach, review, coach or embed a BPM practice and culture for you.