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    • So you’ve purchased the Appian platform and started on your first agile implementation project. How has it been going? Appian is built for fast development but that doesn’t mean your project won’t experience challenges. Here are some of the most common ones:

      • Constant rework on every sprint
      • Large and complex processes requiring documentation
      • Lack of grass roots business buy-in to the solution
      • User Acceptance Testing is uncovering a high number of the same, repeated defects
      • No “shippable product” within each sprint
      • Business analysts and developers are not working as a team
      • Team is constantly overloaded and fatigued in every sprint
  • “It is not just about developing in Appian.”

    • Procensol consultants are carefully selected, trained and accredited through a rigorous selection and operational readiness program. This means our resources, at all levels, are ready to handle any complex situations faced by the customer.

      It is not just about developing in Appian. It’s not always apparent how such a rapid, low code development platform like Appian can disrupt rituals and the culture of an organisation. We recognise that it is no longer sufficient to simply provide Appian developer resources to expertly build solutions on the platform. We need a more holistic approach to agile project delivery.

      Below is an example of a framework we used for Appian on a large-scale project.

  • Book an Appian Project Delivery Health Review

    • Our seasoned, award-winning and proven Technical Delivery Consultants are ready to help you do a 360° health review of your Appian project delivery. This health review is based on our industry leading Modern Business Transformation (MBT) Framework (learn more). The holistic review includes:

      • Team competencies (not only Appian skills)
      • Agile project delivery methodology and practices
      • Delivery governance model
      • Tools and rituals
      • Alignment of business goals to project team’s perspectives
      • Project and organisation cultural alignment
      • Project management and agile alignment