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Procensol has delivered projects across the financial landscape, including investment banking, retail banking, insurance and more.

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Procensol has extensive digital transformation experience in the global financial industry.


We know how to deliver for financial services

Banking and Finance solutions have been part of Procensol’s products and solutions portfolio since the company was founded. As a trusted provider of process-centric solution expertise, we have delivered projects across all facets of the financial landscape, including investment banking, retail banking, insurance and more.

Our framework enables and integrates the modern principles of agility, innovation and change, whilst delivering rapid and scalable solutions. The banking and financial sector is competitive and requires constant innovation – technological and strategic – to keep ahead. Our implementations are built and deployed not as one-off projects, but as long-term incorporations of continuous innovation and agile business processes.

Our market-leading partner platforms provide a technology platform for all successful projects. Leveraging its multifaceted capabilities, we can meet the innovative, strategic and technological needs of this demanding and highly competitive industry on a global scale.

Just a few solutions available for financial services

  • Transformation and digitisation to improve customer records, processes and transactions management, with the long-term goal to enhance customer experience

  • Global operation risk and compliance systems delivery, in response to regulatory change and to underpin new initiatives

  • Office function system delivery such as automated account opening/closing and integrating to core banking systems

  • Systems to close out mortgages, including automatic discharge of deeds by integrating government services

  • Front office system and extension delivery, including client onboarding, account opening and credit card fraud processing

  • Business transformation project delivery, including core business systems replacement for professional services network

  • Case management systems delivery, enabling the selection of investment projects and subsequent investment management

  • Automation solution for credit card fraud notification

  • Large-scale insurance management solution over multiple lines of insurance

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"Procensol adopted an agile “build, test, deploy” approach which enabled a quality solution to be delivered at pace and crucially within budget. This was our first engagement with Procensol and, having used them again since I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.” Chris Mountjoy, Head of Business Support, Punch

“Procensol took the time to understand our business and the industry we operate in. The results have been fantastic.”

Stuart Draper, COO, GLAS

“Procensol provides robust technical expertise. Their knowledge of this domain is second to none and their consultant quickly becomes the ‘go-to’ person for all issues and queries. They bring valuable insight into best practices, whilst remaining adept at understanding our business needs.”

Faye Brook, Consultant Project Manager, Crawford & Company

“Procensol got to work quickly to understand the Punch business processes/ways of working to ensure they fully understood what we needed and, as importantly, why. ”

Chris Mountjoy, Head of Business Support, Punch

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