The insurance industry has been buffeted by adverse events for over a year. Connections – with customers and partners and between IT systems, are more critical than ever.

One thing needn’t stand in your way: out of date practices and systems. Connect the old and the new to deliver unparalleled customer experience and shorter time-to-resolution.

Make the connection

Connection with customers. Connection with partners. Connection between IT systems.


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Adverse events have buffeted the insurance industry for over a year. If making connections was easy, all businesses - long-tail, short-tail, government agencies or general insurance companies - would be communicating, cooperating and collaborating. One thing that needn’t stand in your way is outdated practices and systems.

Many insurers have “various digital adaptations they implemented on an emergency basis during the pandemic”, as Deloitte put it. While this has undeniably helped insurers meet the immediate needs of their customers and partners, it also has the potential to result in technological spaghetti.
 A mixture of different systems, technologies and platforms – some of which are designed to do the same thing – contribute to confusion, cost and unnecessary complexity.

This is where the big picture comes in. It used to be that an insurer’s strategy was set for a long time. It might be tweaked occasionally, but the business environment was well-known and reasonably predictable, and anyway, the business of insurance is to manage risk, right? Now, “the ‘new normal’ is disruption”, so strategic thinking must be nimble, flexible and innovative. 


At Procensol, we’ve seen both spaghetti and strategic leadership over our decade-plus involvement in the industry. While most ‘start small’ projects are successful, the real benefits lie in taking them further by acknowledging the long-term importance of the foundations that insurers are laying, to achieve growth, digitalisation and efficiency – the three things that CEOs want.




How can insurers capitalise on current trends?

A wide-ranging webinar discussion on insurance industry trends and technological responses to them, featuring industry consultant Gavin Charlton of Truform; Jake Sloan, Global Industry Leader of Insurance at Appian; and Procensol MD Dan Cooke.

January 29th, 2023

Make the connection

Great digital strides have been made but connected insurance offers more.
January 29th, 2023

A glimpse into the insurance tech crystal ball

How can insurers continue to build on their digital foundations?
January 29th, 2023

One shock after another – how can the insurance industry recover from recent blows?

A look back, a look forward, and how technology can help.
January 29th, 2023

Same same but different - three ways to address long tail insurance

Long-term injury claims have added complications.

Video Interview

Insurance industry challenges, solutions and the future

Dan Cooke, MD of Procensol Australia, and Gavin Charlton, MD of Truform Consulting, discuss the top-of-mind industry issues.

DATASHEET | First Notification of Loss

Customer expectations, increasing digitalisation of many aspects of life, and the omnipresence of mobile devices have driven demands for better (read on-line, real-time and always-on) service in the insurance industry. This is particularly true for personal injury claims lodgement.

DATASHEET | Mobile Case Management

Helping solve claims leakage and operational inefficiency to directly improve the bottom line.

DATASHEET | Improved Long-Tail Injury Claim Processing

By their nature, injury claim schemes are often complex. Claims must be assessed, processed, and paid out if approved, and cases can last the lifetime of the beneficiary and involve a myriad of third-party providers and stakeholders.

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