The legal sector is often a conservative one from an IT standpoint. Tried and true legal practices tend to hold the dominant place in the industry, and it is common for new technologies to be met with scepticism.

However, some advanced technological ideas and solutions can help organisations in the legal sector. Business process management is one such system.

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Organisations that are proactive about using BPM can gain a strategic edge over the competition.


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Understanding the role of technology in law

Law firms may be conservative about technology, but there are some instances in which organisations should look past these attitudes and consider the role IT solutions can play in their operations. BPM software and similar solutions can play a prominent role in improving operations and are not just top-down systems that offer minimal gains.

At the heart of discussions should be the role of technology and strategic thinking in law firms to re-engineer how things are done and, in particular, how operations can be made quick and trackable, predictable and efficient.

Implementing BPM in law firms

BPM goes back, in some ways, to the mid-1980s. While BPM was not a solution at the time, it was a point when more organisations began using analytics and other data to better understand their functions and improve operations. This escalated into lean and agile processes, which accelerated the move toward implementing BPM solutions.

Significant progress has been in the BPM sector during recent years, with many sectors embracing the technology and a foundation is set to use solutions in a diverse range of sectors.

Benefits of BPM in the legal sector

Law firms face a sometimes overwhelming set of operations that have to be completed to handle cases and general operations effectively.

As cloud and mobile technologies become more prominent, there is a growing need for integration in the underlying IT infrastructure that supports operations. This is particularly important for law firms, as efficient operations are essential to supporting cases and maintaining revenues.




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Linda Minnis, Chief Executive, Charities Trust

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Stuart Draper, COO, GLAS

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