Our team has extensive domain experience, having worked with organisations across the manufacturing lifecycle including design, engineering, manufacturing, technology, consulting, operations and logistics.

Together we can help you solve some of your biggest operational challenges, work with you to innovate across the organisation and unlock process efficiencies across the operational lifecycle. The close working relationship we have with our partners allows us to add value across the entirety of your business.

Accelerate innovation across your supply chain

Implement solutions that extend and modernise existing systems to improve supply chain efficiencies and get products to market faster.


Innovate across manufacturing

Engineering and Product Development

Track product innovation while improving supplier collaboration to speed design to production.

Operations and Manufacturing

Drive efficiency for your most complex and critical operations, leading to unmatched productivity and cost savings.

Sales & Marketing

Take charge of marketing activity to deliver growth and maximise customer loyalty.

Quality Management

Optimise processes to ensure maximum quality for products and plants across the globe. 

Safety, Risk and Compliance

Gain transparency and improve internal monitoring to ensure safety and compliance.

Corporate Functions

Streamline organisational processes and improve efficiency across business and corporate functions.

We know how to deliver for manufacturing

The challenges within manufacturing are:

  • Production roadblocks
  • Siloed supply chain processes and systems
  • The rigidity of outdated systems
  • A lack of visibility into processes which in turn hinders the quality and efficiency of operations leading to increased production costs and unnecessary waste

The solution:

  • Our partner offerings allow manufacturers to deliver applications that extend and unify existing systems. Robust automation capabilities such as RPA and AI streamline the most complex processes, while intuitive, mobile-ready apps put information at employees' fingertips for improved productivity and service. This is accomplished much faster than traditional application development with the power of low-code and automation.

How do we do it:

  • We combine people and technology to orchestrate workflows across the supply chain ecosystem. We offer the ability to unify and extend (rather than replace) enterprise and legacy systems with integration capabilities.

Our central promise:

  • We help digitise supply chain and manufacturing operations to ensure quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eradicate waste.

The benefit to customers:

  • Improving end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Unifying existing systems to enhance collaboration and control
  • Streamlining delivery to reduce waste, minimise costs, and improve quality
  • Optimising inventory investment
  • Flexibility to onboard new suppliers quickly and effortlessly

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"This was our first engagement with Procensol and, having used them again since, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.” Chris Mountjoy, Head of Business Support, Punch

“Procensol took the time to understand our business and the industry we operate in. The results have been fantastic.”

Stuart Draper, COO, GLAS

“Procensol got to work quickly to understand the Punch business processes/ways of working to ensure they fully understood what we needed and, as importantly, why.”

Chris Mountjoy, Head of Business Support, Punch

“Appian is allowing us not only to improve on what we have done before but to reimagine what our industry will look like 20 to 30 years from now.”

Linda Minnis, Chief Executive, Charities Trust

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We specialise in support for Highly Regulated Industries, the Public Sector and Manufacturing as well as a wealth of other complex and results driven enterprises.

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