Appian is positioned as the market leading platform in Digital Transformation. Analysts such as Gartner and Forrester describe Appian as a leader in their latest ‘Low Code Development Platform’, ‘Intelligent Business Process Management’ and ‘Dynamic Case Management’ quadrants.


Leader in their latest ‘Low Code Development Platform’

Appian is a unified platform that provides a mobile user interface, process, case management, rules, forms, content management, business activity monitoring reporting, identity management, data integration, and collaboration. Appian is an all–in-one seamless, integrated platform. Procensol has been a trusted Platinum A-Score accredited partner for end-to-end Appian innovative project delivery for nearly a decade.

10x accelerated application development
50% reduction in development costs
$13.42M in savings over three years

“Procensol consultants’ understanding of what BPM technology can do and their ability to deliver are without question among the best I have experienced. I trust them with their no-nonsense approach to delivery and to stay focused on my projects.”

Ian Grant, Director, IJG Innovations Ltd

“Appian is allowing us not only to improve on what we have done before but to reimagine what our industry will look like 20 to 30 years from now.”

Linda Minnis, Chief Executive, Charities Trust

“Procensol adopted an agile “build, test, deploy” approach which enabled a quality solution to be delivered at pace and crucially within budget. This was our first engagement with Procensol and, having used them again since I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Chris Mountjoy, Head of Business Support, Punch

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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere empowers people by freeing them from repetitive, manual tasks, and making end-to-end business processes more efficient and productive.

Discover, digitise, automate and analyze processes with one integrated platform
Deliver intelligent process automation 3x faster and at 1/5 the cost
Your organisation can rely on bots to repeat, run and learn. Now you’re free to think, create and innovate


As a focused technology company, Siemens combine the real and the digital worlds and help customers to meet the great challenges of our time.

A curated and modular portfolio of software, services and IoT-enabled hardware built on standard APIs
A growing ecosystem of certified partners – from hyperscalers to independent software vendors
An underlying and evolving marketplace to explore, educate, exchange and purchase


Mendix is the fastest & easiest low-code platform used by businesses to develop mobile & web apps at scale.

Build and deliver portable, scalable, and resilient applications without specialised expertise
Embrace smart applications; seamlessly connect AI and cognitive services to elevate your solution
Deliver end-to-end process automation with applications that bring people, data, and systems together

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