Intelligent Automation

Accelerate your business processes to do more. Done right, Intelligent Automation significantly enhances an organisation’s ability to digitally transform, reduce risk, increase productivity and augment the capability of their current staff.

Accelerate your business processes

Improve business processes. Enhance customer experience. Reduce operating costs. Drive business results.

How does intelligent automation work?

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Process Discovery

Disaster-ready business systems and more flexible capacity rely on digital technologies, like robotic process automation (RPA).
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Reaching - and being reachable by - customers. Extending customer support through new channels and tools, like attended chatbots.
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Analytics & Insights

Increasing business operational "hygiene" by scrubbing existing processes and systems for redundancies, conflicts, and value leaks, with tools like process discovery.

We understand your challenges

True Intelligent Automation brings together humans, technology and agile methodologies. It comprises the best parts of Human Workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Learning and established and emerging Low-Code technologies. Intelligent Automation, when done well, will accelerate Digital Transformation consistently and sustainably. Chatbots, RPA and AI – commonly known as “Bots”, work alongside human workers. These digital workers can work anywhere, at any time, and with any device.
Think of a business process in your organisation and there’s a good chance that you can automate it so your teams can get their work done faster and better.
The use cases are almost endless across all functional areas: Marketing, Customer Experience, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Service Delivery, Production, Logistics, Ordering, Supply Chain, Claims Management, and Case Management. These are all functions that can deploy Intelligent Automation solutions to improve the way they operate.
At Procensol, Intelligent Automation is in our DNA. We’re certified in the best established and emerging technologies in the market. We have an agile mindset and partner with major enterprise and government clients worldwide to automate and improve business processes, enhance customer experience, reduce operating costs, and ultimately, drive business results.

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"Being able to deliver to the vision of the organisation has made it exciting for us. Having Procensol driving, contributing and collaborating has been fantastic for us" Wayne Tucker, Program Manager, Business Aspect

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